Friday, October 11, 2013

King Street Trio - Review

This afternoon I decided to pamper myself a little bit, so I decided to have a nice lunch with a friend. We were walking down King St.and stopped in a lovely little restaurant called King Street Trio and I was pleasantly surprised! I ordered the oysters as my appetizer and they were great! I mean, its not difficult to have great oysters as long as they're fresh, but what I enjoyed about these oysters was that the dressings (chillies, grated horse radish and cucumber mignonette) came on the side so you could add as much as you like. It was a lovely combination, however, I did not anticipate the strength of the ingredients which caused me to overdress my oysters. They were obviously still great but a little too strong. Next was my main - a mushroom risotto with manchego cheese, rapini, and pearl onions. It was absolutely gorgeous. The presentation was beautiful and the flavours were inspiring. It was a lovely gooey creamy risotto which came with a side of baby broccoli. The broccoli could have been great but there was a clear lack of attention. This is something I have often noticed with a majority of fine dining restaurants - the main dish is wonderfully done but the sides are given little to no attention. What would bring these restaurants to the next level is for them to put in enough care for the vegetables as they do for the meat. I mean, I love meat as much as the next carnivore but I love vegetables just as much and I would love nothing more than to enjoy the side dish as much as I enjoy the main course.

Service is another important part of fine dining. Of course we pay for delicious food but we are also paying for excellent service and King Street Trio had wonderful service. We were checked on frequently, but not too much that the server was pestering us, and most of all, we felt taken care of. Overall it was a great meal. Going out for a luxurious meal is one of my favourite ways to pamper myself and I definitely felt pampered! I will gladly visit King Street Trio again!

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